Separation Agreement Business Partners

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If you are ready to move forward with a partnership dissolution, contact Miller Law`s partner lawyers today. We can help you determine what will happen, whether or not you have a partnership agreement. Our nationally recognized company has been helping small businesses in Michigan for nearly 25 years. Call us today or contact us to find out more about what we can do for you. A Michigan court will consider all allegations against a partner that could compromise the suitability of the dissolution or their interest in the partnership, such as: Negotiating a comprehensive separation agreement may seem discouraging, both if you are unwell with your partner or if you are friendly and think they understand their obligations to you. But it`s important to ensure this understanding in writing, because you don`t know how the company could change in a year or more. The answers to many of these questions are determined by the control documents or the agreement to dissolve the partnership. However, there is no guarantee that everyone will be resolved in this way. In particular, the details of protection against future liability can be quite difficult and often require the assistance of a lawyer, even in the event of consensual separation. But as difficult as it is to obtain such protection, it is of the utmost importance. If you terminate a partnership without agreement, you must negotiate all the terms of the separation.

In many cases, the departure of a partner is indisputable. For example, a partner may be ready to retire, must move or simply wants to go in a new direction with HIS or her career. The other Oder partner will probably support the decision and it remains only to decide how to conclude the partnership or buy back the interests of the outgoing partner. A successful separation agreement may depend as much on your partners as on you, which means that we can negotiate the agreement in a much more consensual way. Sometimes that is not possible. In the event of a contentious departure, negotiations will be governed by your partnership or LLC`s control documents, and if they do not specify how departures may take place, your negotiating position may be more uncertain or problematic. When you leave a business partnership, you must inform your customers, creditors, suppliers and anyone else with whom you do business. Telling others that you are no longer involved in the activity will help protect yourself from future liability. If you are considering leaving a business partnership, it is important to consult an experienced partnership lawyer.


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